The Open Door Supper Club

Ideas growing right before your eyes...

Hello, here I am again might think I wasn't cooking at all in the month of March - but I've been cooking like there's no tomorrow actually, although tomorrow I will sleep, because today I am hosting my first ever supper club! So I have been buzzing around the kitchen and scribbling ideas in my notebook for most of the month in preparation. It's something I've wanted to do for quite a while and finally decided to bite the bullet or should that be biscuit....?! I've just put a raspberry and coconut truffle mixture in the fridge to set, the lamb shanks slept over night in the oven and the lavender and lemon wibbly wobbly jellies are a delicate pink and woblling and wibbling rather nicely - woooopie! I'm quite tired and nervous, but also really excited! It seems strange to be having a group to my house for dinner and know that I won't be eating with them -but such is the nature of the beast! Here follows my menu with a little Victorian twist as my house (rented) is of that era. Blog to follow...(after the sleeping)

The Open Door Inaugural Supper Club

Fizzy Early
Prosecco & French lemonade with earl grey tea spheres
Nibbly Bits
A selection of sourdough bites to ‘amuse-your-bouche’
Pears & Graces
Red & white chicory boats filled with Wicklow & Cashel Blue cheese, pears, roasted hazelnuts & a quince syrup
Little Bo Peep
Slow cooked lamb shanks with sweet leeks & cannellini beans in a rich tomato sauce, with buttery moist mashed spuds.
Oranges & Lemons
Marmalade ice-cream sandwiches with a cup of lavender & lemon  wibbly wobbly tea
Closing Time Tea
Builders tea, herb teas, espresso or straight up black & a selection of petit fours