Chocolate Ganache Tart - because you are worth it

I was watching Raymond Blancs' latest tv show The Very Hungry Frenchman recently and he made an amazing chocolate ganache tart with a crumble base and butterscotch sauce - I wanted to make something similar, but not a replica as I didn't have enough time for Raymonds extras. So I searched around internetland and found a recipe on a blog that caught my eye. A chocolate ganache tart that used an almond pastry shell - which requires you to melt the butter, yes -a pastry that requires you to apply heat to it -mon dieu! The recipe is from a blog called COOK, a oui chef journal by Connie. In the end I combined Raymonds filling with Connies pastry base...although I tweaked both a little. The base seemed to have a tonne of butter -8 tbsps (!!) so I played it by ear with the butter. My tart dish was too small so I reduced the filling to avoid overflow, that's why the base is so thick compared to the filling -so make sure to use a 9 inch tart dish and then increase the volume of the filling...sorry if this is complicated... I will give the recipe according to a 9 inch tart dish and you will have a thinner base. The result was very delicious, a smack of dark chocolate and a lovely crumbly, buttery base.
Waiting for the tart to set

For the base;
  • Turn your oven on to 180'C/Gas 4
  • In a pan over a medium heat melt 6 dstps of butter
  • Gease a 9 inch tart dish
  • In a bowl combine 1 cup of plain white flour sieved, 1/3 cup icing sugar & 3 tbsp of ground almonds
  • When the butter has melted slowly pour into your dry ingredients using a fork
  • When the mixture has formed large crumbs take a 9 inch tart or flan dish and press the 'pastry' evenly into the dish, bringing it up the sides to form an edge, bake in oven for 18-20 mins or until very lightly golden, allow to cool once cooked
Pour in your ganache filling

For the filling;
  • In a saucepan over a medium heat add 165ml of whipping cream & 1/3 cup caster sugar, bring to a boil (if you use a chocolate with low cocoa solids don't add the sugar)
  • Break in 180g dark chocolate (80%) and whisk it up to ensure they combine properly, remove from heat
  • In a separate bowl whisk up 1 egg & 5 tbsp milk, add a little bit of the chocolate mixture to the egg, to bring up the temperature, then add the egg mixture into the chocolate
  • Pour into your cooled pastry shell, when the heat has gone from the filling place your tart in the fridge for at least 2 hours, serve solo or with a scoop of good vanilla or hazelnut ice-cream
Enjoy with a nice cuppa!
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