Chicks Love Chocolate

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and that can only mean one thing CHOCOLATE. As a child it was a feast day second only to Christmas. You knew you would get lots of chocolate and be allowed to eat it at your own pace -which when it comes to kids generally means fast! Easter eggs are everywhere, in many shapes, sizes, types of chocolate, themes etc.. but what about making your own? Well why bother? It's a lot more economical, environmentally friendly and easy, once you have a mould. Also you are in control -how dark you want the chocolate, what ingredients you want, how thick you want the egg it's a win win situation. I bought a mould in a kitchen shop, Stock in Dublin. They only had chicken moulds left, if you can't get one, you can buy a cheap egg that has the plastic protection and use this. All you need then is some chocolate to melt and whatever you'd like to add.

I used 100g of chocolate per two halves -so each chicken is made of 100g chocolate. To make sure it's not too fragile and thin you have to do two layers, so, first fill the moulds with a layer and allow this to harden in the fridge. If you leave the chocolate over the bain marie, but off the heat, it will still be liquid by the time you're ready for the second layer. I added the nuts when I was doing layer two, but do as you wish. Then pop them back in the fridge and when they are ready to be stuck together, you need a little bit of melted chocolate -this is the hardest part so take your time and try not to hold the chickens for too long or you'll get fingerprints all over them.

You can use almonds, coconut, lavender, crystallised ginger, chili or whatever you fancy.

Wrap in coloured paper with ribbon and flowers on the outside for a cracking nice Easter egg present.