We would gather each evening and for an especially long time on weekend days to eat together. We would talk about silly things that happened that day, something funny we saw, something that made us cry, importantly, we would take our time over it all - this is something I've always cherished and still do. People have been 'breaking bread' and connecting with each other over simple offerings and lavish feasts since the dawn of time. It is a moment to stop and take a breath from our busy lives, it is a time to nourish ourselves and eat food that hopefully makes us smile!

This, is the why behind the supper clubs.

The Open Door Supper Club started out in my then home in Dublin, but has also happened in other venues such as, a gallery, an abandoned butchers and an artists studio space. The menus are always inspired by the seasons, what's growing in the hedgerows and what home made schnapps is ready to be uncorked. Having fed hundreds of strangers over the last few years The Open Door continues to excite taste buds with imaginative, yet unpretentious offerings.  

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