Almond Butter Biscuits with Sea Salt & Lavender

These are amazing biscuits from  Nigel (my food crush) Slater -his biscuit recipes always work out really well. I'd like to have Nigel over to mine for a cuppa and a biscuit sometime -I'm following you on twitter Nigel so let me know when you're free to come ...I'll make the tea make something dunkable....something I can put in my mouth...something I can swallow...okay, okay enough with the innuendos jesus...I made these as petits fours for a recent supper club event and with an espresso they were the perfect punctuation to the proceedings.

Here is the recipe it's the almond butter shortbreads- I used icing sugar instead of caster as it's easier to beat and I omitted the orange zest- because I didn't have an orange. I split the dough into two and in one batch I used some fresh lavender flowers and then I half dipped them in dark chocolate. A lot of people don't like lavender in food and it often doesn't work but where it does work I find, is when it is teamed alongside something from the dairy -buttery biscuit or creamy ice cream. I left the other batch plain until afterwards when I drizzled them with dark chocolate and sprinkled on some lovely Maldon sea salt flakes.

Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate

Lavender & Dark Chocolate