Simple simple salad -Beetroot, Mackerel & Avocado

a simple salad of avocado & mackerel with beetroot chutney....

Who doesn't love fish? Yes, you are out there, you poor people who don't like fish, okay some of you have allergies but some of you just don't like 'fish'.... this may have stemmed from a traumatic fish incident when you were a child and that's such a pity. Maybe you could go speak to a professional and they will help you like fish again. Fish = Possibilities.....many. And we live on an island..... Island = fish.......!!

I used a very good quality Italian mackerel from a jar for this and actually I think that it probably worked better than fresh fish ...oh and there were no bones!  (I was in Italy so there was no chance of having mackerel from Irish waters)

  • take some freshly cooked or jarred mackerel
  • put into a bowl and smother with beetroot chutney (it has to be beetroot)
  • prepare your salad leaves = good
  • cut up some pieces of a ripe avocado
  • cut some cherry tomatoes in half
  • combine all of the above, gently season with pepper, salt  & olive oil
  • toast some pumpkin seeds, sprinkle over the top
  • eat and enjoy!     a fishy song by Mr. Scruff