Roasted Tomato Soup


This a super simple recipe; take a load of tomatoes -the ones that smell like tomatoes, chop them roughly, along with some garlic cloves and an onion sliced -throw all of these into a roasting tin, season with plenty of salt and pepper and drench them with a fairly decent olive oil, pop into a pre-heated oven around 180'C /Gas 4 and cook until the onion is softened...if you can get a bit of char going on all the better. Then whizz everything up in a saucepan, add some vegetable or chicken stock, enough to get it to the consistency you want -warm through, check seasoning. Serve with some cream, basil and whatever bread you fancy.  Initially when you have them whizzed, you have at your disposal a kick ass delicious tomato sauce, which you can throw into a ziplock bag and freeze -perfect with linguine and buffalo mozzarella, as a pizza sauce or yum yum salsa with juicy meatballs!