6 Weeks At Cookery School

Time flies when you're having fun and I'm already experiencing 'pre-sad' knowing that in the blink of an eye this adventure will end. But it won't really be the end because it's really just the beginning. The skills you are given here at Ballymaloe Cookery School you will hone over the years and the outlook on life & food will never leave you, because you can't unlearn this -it'd be like going back to instant coffee after drinking the good stuff -you just wouldn't want to. 


You feel saturated after the first fortnight and the idea of extra curricular can seem daunting on top of an already busy schedule, but you remind yourself that you'll never be here again -so carpe diem. 

Milking Jersey Cows  -peachy creamy fun

Meet the always smiling Eileen at the dairy at 7.30, she's from Cork, so are the cows, they're sound ladies the cows and they like a bit of chat so don't be shy. Jane (the cow) gave me a lovely glass of warm milk to wet my whistle.


Dawn Chorus Walk- Getting up at 4.30am to go for a bird walk with local ornithologist Denis was admittedly a struggle but had it's rewards...still not sure if I'm hearing a robin or a great tit ....or is it a blackbird.

Fishing- Caught nothing, got shat on by sea gull and felt sea sick but hey that's life sometimes.

Making your own butter -that is all.