the fumbally

The Fumbally has become an institution in Dublin 8 and it's obvious why. If you like to eat tasty simple food in a beautiful space with a relaxed atmosphere then it ticks the boxes. Of course it has the 'hipster' label and that makes some people write it off...maybe because they feel they won't 'fit in' and it's a pity if that's what stops you from going. The food is great and the passion behind what's served both food wise and experience wise doesn't come from any kind of desire to be 'cool' or to create something for the 'hipsters' it comes from a more truthful place. So leave your ego at the door and pull up a chair. 


eggs on brioche, avocado, toms & chilli

2014-12-28 16.10.39.jpg

pulled pork sandwich w.caper mayo