Summer '14

The year is fast approaching it's end, my blog posts have been very sparse (ahem!.. new years resolution) life sometimes takes over and it here is a small retrospective, a representation of Summer '14. It was a deliciously warm Summer, with many an evening spent on the stoop with neighbours, sipping delicate elderflower cordial & cooling ice & gin filled glasses. Countless conversations & hearty laughs poured over shared food with friends & family -none digested without a smile on my face.


Poppas blueberries

home made tagliatelle buffalo mozzarella home grown tomatoes & basil

home made tagliatelle, buffalo mozzarella, home grown tomatoes & basil

Poppas courgettes

home grown leaves & broad beans with Gubeen Smokehouse venison salami.


Poppas blackcurrants

a simple skillet of home growns.


Poppas beans


harvest festival of home grown goodies...thanks bro.