12 Days of Christmas Dinner

Last Christmas we were rather a small troupe and the idea of going down our traditional goose and ham route just didn't seem right. There were no elderly relatives and no children so why not seize the culinary opportunity? My brother made the suggestion of having a 12 course dinner, a homage to the 12 days of Christmas -although there wasn't a sniff of a partridge or a pear tree.
A few days beforehand there was a slight moment of doubt about our endeavour, but we decided to hold true to our course. I mean how hard could 12 courses be.....? Not hard to execute, but the eating.... even with our 'small' portioning... the eating was certainly a challenge. And while it isn't something I fancy repeating this year it was certainly a lot of fun...up to course 9 at least! Photo quality decreased as dinner progressed....sure we had to have a fresh glass of vino with each course....you live and learn!

 Joyeaux Noel everyone!

1. Crab Castles

2. Smoked Salmon Vodka Rolls

3. Celeriac Soup with Scallop & Black Pudding

4. Lemon Ginger Snow

5. Poppas Pumpkin Risotto

6. Parsnip & Beetroot Fritters with Nanas Beetroot Chutney

7. Quail with Celeriac Puree & Skimpy Jus

8. Trio of Ice Cream- Chestnut, Plum Pudding & Lemon Curd

9. Cardamom Creme Brulee

10. Frozen Espresso Zabaione

11. Whiskey Truffles

12. Sloe Gin with Sloe Chocolates

So that was that and it only took 7.5 hours. I have to say I'm really looking forward to Nanas Christmas dinner again -all three courses!

The Muppets -Ringing of the Bells