Crab Apple & Sloe Sorbet -for a change

Inspired by Hugh Fearnleys recent Guardian article on the joys of foraging amongst hedgerows, I decided to test out one of the recipes from said article. I had the crab apples, I had the sloes; so the delightful pink sorbet said 'make me'. I often serve sorbets as palate cleansers at my supper clubs and I love them because they do what they say on the tin. They are refreshing, enlivening to the senses and they do a wonderful job of cleansing your gob!

This sorbet is a little bit different...anyone who has ever eaten a sloe from the Blackthorn Tree knows well the effect it has on the mouth...the dark blueish/purple berry is so very visually tempting, looking so plump and  so juicy -BUT rather than inducing a flow of saliva it actually has the opposite effect and immediately dries the mouth. And so with this sorbet there is a similar after effect, not as in intense as a straight up sloe, but certainly unique as far as sorbets generally have been warned!

Here is the link for the recipe by Hugh, the article is well worth reading even if you live nowhere near a hedgerow.

Stewing the Fruit

Pretty in Pink

Points to note;
  • I did find that I needed more water than the original recipe said for the stewing...see how you go, but do keep an eye for the base of the pan drying.
  • I also found that I needed at least twice the amount of sugar than Hugh suggests ...not sure if it was because I used more sloes or not, as the recipe calls for a couple of handfuls.....large handfuls or small handfuls.....Hmmnn....
  • I actually added in some rose hip syrup and a spoonful of quince jam.