Crispy Crunchy Chiptastic

Today I had a craving for some chips, possibly something to do with the fact that yesterday was national fish and chip day in Ireland. Heston Blumenthal or should I refer to him as 'le bible'  ;-) has spent many long hours painstakingly finding out the best way to cook a myriad of foodstuffs and chips are one of those things. Some of the methods can be rather time consuming -but good things come to those who wait! The perfect chip didn't seem to be too much extra in terms of method and certainly not hours more time wise -so I thought lets do it. I wouldn't set out to do these for a large family -maybe wait til you're alone and you fancy a guilty treat....good to share too though!
  • Get a large saucepan of unsalted water on the heat and get it simmering
  • Cut some floury spuds (Maris Piper,  King Edwards, Golden Wonder, Rooster) into chips -best to use chips that are all around the same size
  • Cut them into a bowl of cold water and rinse them loads of times to get as much starch off as possible...Heston says keep the tap going for 5 mins to do this- I didn't want to waste so much water!
  • Add the chips to the hot water and cook until they are soft -but not falling apart
  • Drain from the water and cool on a wire wrack, once cooled transfer to fridge for 30 mins
  • Put your deep fat fryer on to 130'C and add your cooled chippies, cook until they start to look dry Heston says -it's hard to gauge this as they are covered in oil -but just don't let them get colour!
  • Next drain and cool and go back to the fridge for 30 mins
  • Turn your fryer up to 190'C and add your cooled chippies and cook until golden brown

Yes, these chips were very crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and if you are a chip lover and you've got the time then why not try Heston's perfect chip recipe too!!