Sweet & Simple Pancakes

I reckon a lot of people won't be going to church this Holy Week but I bet 99% of us will be eating pancakes tomorrow. I have to confess I've had them three times already in the last week! Traditionally during the Lenten period, milk and eggs were prohibited, so pancakes were the order of Shrove Tuesday to utilise any remaining supplies. I remember it being one of the few school mornings where we would willing get out of bed, drawn to the kitchen by the delicious smell. My mother standing at the solid fuel cooker, making pancake after pancake and keeping a batch warm on a plate over a large pot of simmering water -so that we could all have one in unison, thereby saving a row between us kids. Often we would have them again that night and manys a time my mother would have to top up the batter with more milk, to stretch it out for our hungry mouths. We only ever had them with caster sugar and copious amounts of fresh lemon juice and that still remains my most favourite way to eat them. If you can it's best to make your batter ahead of time ensuring a lighter pancake -my mum would usually make hers the night before! Don't worry too much if you're short on time you can still use it straight away.

Makes 4/5 pancakes

  • Sieve 100g plain flour into a bowl, make a well in the middle
  • Whisk up one egg, put in the well along with a pinch of salt
  • Gradually add 350 mls of milk (if you're dairy free oat, rice or soya is ok)
  • Using a whisk gently mix and 'take in' the flour from the edge of your well to avoid lumps
  • Add a small knob of melted butter or 2 tsps of sunflower oil
  • If you get lumps whizz them out with a hand blender
  • After the batter has rested over night or for an hour at least, put your non-stick pan on a medium heat
  • Put your batter into a jug, melt some butter in the pan -enough to lightly cover the base, pour your batter in, tilt the pan to spread it and cook evenly on both sides

Before the roll-up

  • Enjoy with;

                          Lemon & Caster Sugar

                          Lemon & Honey/Maple Syrup

                          Your favourite Jam

                          Nutella & Banana

                          Spinach, Walnuts & Goats Cheese

                          Cheese & Tuna etc.....


   Cookie Monster....I feel the same way about pancakes.