Halloumi salad with Homemade Slaw

Halloumi, halloumi, halloumi -if you've never tried it, get your hands on some of this delicious cheese. It's traditionally a Cypriot cheese made from goats and sheep's milk, it's quite salty but that's why it's so good in a salad. You can grill it or fry and it doesn't melt, it goes a little squidgy and gets a sweet golden exterior.....mmmnnnnn....Shop bought coleslaw is just wrong -but if you like it, then try making your own at home and you'll never go back!

So to make this simple salad -

  • slice up the halloumi cheese & gently fry on a dry pan until golden
  • grate some red cabbage, carrot & apple
  • mix the grated goodness with some lemon juice, a little mayonnaise & natural yogurt
  • add some raisins if you fancy, season with pepper & salt
  • now assemble your leafy salad....leaves, tomato,avocado -  keep it simple
  • cut up the halloumi throw into the leaves
  • dress with lemon juice, olive oil & toasted pumpkin seeds