Linguine with Mussels

Failing getting my hands on some fresh crab I decided to make linguine with white wine and mussels. I have always felt sorry for people who don't like fish & shellfish or have allergies because it closes off a whole world of texture and flavour. Mussels are sustainable and very economic and very much fun to eat! There used to be a lovely fish shop on Chatham St, Dublin but unfortunately it closed, so if I'm south side I go to Fallon & Byrne and if north I go to Kish which is just off Smithfield Sq......good value indeedy!

  • Wash your mussels in cold running water removing the beards (green seaweedy type stringy bits)
  • Put a large pot of water on and add your linguine when it's boiling (I like De Cecco brand)
  • Take 3 small shallots, a small red pepper and two/three cloves of garlic sautee in a knob of butter in a large pot, after few mins add a glass of white wine let it bubble -ensuring that the alcohol evaporates
  • Take your washed mussels add to the pot put the lid on and allow to steam for a few mins
  • Chop a handful of parsley
  • When the mussels have had a few mins lift off the lid and check through for unopened ones -discard these as they are dead
  • Place pasta in bowl, drizzle with olive oil, some crushed sea salt and cracked black pepper
  • Chuck the mussels and juice over and sprinkle on your parsley...enjoy with a nice glass of white wine and some crusty bread to mop up the juice!

The late great Keith mussels :-)