Close Your Eyes and Think of Summer Chicken

Tonight I'm eating a leftovers sambo.....roast chicken has to one of the best leftover sambo fillers especially when it was cooked Greek style...
Simples to do;
  • Put one chicken surrounded by root veg. of your choosing into the oven with and obscene amount of lemon juice and good quality olive oil
  • The key is to keep an eye on the bird and put some water into the roasting dish...never letting the dish dry out

The result is a delectable, moist birdy, with lip smackingly zingy lemonyness...yes, get your lips around that....It's a little bit of summer on a grey January day.....

I'd recommend the sambo to be on some ciabatta or olive oil sourdough for best effect or failing that a nice fresh slice pan with a good slathering of mayo and a sprinkle of green leaves.....napkins required!

Muchos gracias Sarah Y. .....a little song by the late, great Ivor Cutler  'Bicarbonate of Chicken'