In The Name of God -Good Friday Supper Club

The Open Door Supper Club are delighted to announce their '1st Birthday Supper' happening on Good Friday March 29th. Tongues are definitely in cheeks for this one, so do come with a sense of humour and join in the food fun!

Dear Lord it has been 1 year since my first supper club. Time and time again, I have committed the sin of gluttony and am also guilty of inviting others to partake in hedonistic, over indulgent behaviour. I try to keep the portions small -but there are many courses of them... I usually give a palate cleansing sorbet which, although in itself is light and refreshing admittedly it does also have a certain preparatory effect.... allowing one to ingest more delicious food after it's consumption....thus enabling more gluttonous indulgence. We have been having lots of fun, but there is a new pope and it's time to face facts about what's really going on here. Therefore, in an effort to cleanse myself of the guilt and wash away these sins I will offer up this next supper club to you and the new pope and to Jesus, although he is you and you are him, so it's the same thing...right?!

Here followeth the order of service -

Commandment 1
Thou shalt drink Rhubarb in the form of Aperitif

Commandment 2
Thou shalt nibble on Home Baked Crackers w. Watercress Hummus

Commandment 3
Thou shalt dine upon Blessed be the Cheese Makers Salad

Commandment 4
Thou shalt feast upon Mexican Mole served with Slow Cooked Shoulder of Pork

Commandment 5
Thou shalt cleanse thy palate with Blood of Christ Orange Sorbet

Commandment 6
Thou shalt feast upon Chocolate Egg Surprises

Commandment 7
Thou shalt conclude with a selection of Teas, Espresso & Petits Fours


For those of you new to the experience of a supper may have some questions;

Where does it happen? 
This event will take place at my home in Dublin, (close to the city center) on Friday 29th March @8.00pm finishing up around 11pm.

What will happen? 
10 people will come together at one table, getting to know each other, over the shared experience of a meal.

Can you bring your own wine/beer?
Yes you can - you will receive a welcome drink on arrival but please bring your own beverages for the rest of the evening.
What will it cost? 
There is a suggested donation of E35.

What should you wear? 
Dress as you would if going out for dinner.
Any house rules?
You will be in a house that is a home -please treat it as you would your own. Do come with an open mind, a sense of humour and a willingness to engage with others in conversation. You are welcome to come alone, in pairs or larger groups.
How do I book?
Places are limited and remember it's first come first served -to reserve your place please email me. As soon as I am able to confirm your place you will receive an email.  
If you are unable to attend please do your best to give me at least 24 hours notice and try get a replacement for your space if possible. Understand that the food is purchased in advance and we are not a restaurant.

Please alert me, when booking, to any special dietary requirements you may have and within reason I will do my best to cater for you.
Peas & love,            
Aoife x 

And remember as Brian said you ARE all individuals