Halloumi salad with Homemade Slaw

Halloumi, halloumi, halloumi -if you've never tried it, get your hands on some of this delicious cheese. It's traditionally a Cypriot cheese made from goats and sheep's milk, it's quite salty but that's why it's so good in a salad. You can grill it or fry and it doesn't melt, it goes a little squidgy and gets a sweet golden exterior.....mmmnnnnn....Shop bought coleslaw is just wrong -but if you like it, then try making your own at home and you'll never go back!

So to make this simple salad -

  • slice up the halloumi cheese & gently fry on a dry pan until golden
  • grate some red cabbage, carrot & apple
  • mix the grated goodness with some lemon juice, a little mayonnaise & natural yogurt
  • add some raisins if you fancy, season with pepper & salt
  • now assemble your leafy salad....leaves, tomato,avocado -  keep it simple
  • cut up the halloumi throw into the leaves
  • dress with lemon juice, olive oil & toasted pumpkin seeds

Warm your Spanish cockles...Very moreish Chorizo Stew

Spring is here and the sun has been shining but it's still pretty chilly out there....so this gorgeous Chorizo Stew provides the perfect comforting evening meal.....It has the warmth of the Spanish sun and the soothing nourishment of that which is neither soup nor stew but something in between! If you can bake some olive bread (see bread recipe


) all well and good, if not then try get your hands on some good quality crusty bread ...you'll need it to mop up the juicy goodness at the bottom of your bowl!

So to begin;

  • slice the chorizo sausage and begin frying on a medium heat in a heavy bottomed pot...no need for oil as there is plenty of fat in the meat
  • add some chopped onion& a few cloves of garlic continue to fry on a medium heat
  • meanwhile roughly chop some carrot, celery & peppers....think rustic!
  • add the veg, plus a tin of tomatos and top it up with some veg stock
  • add a drained tin of chickpeas/ butter beans or haricots
  • now just allow the stew to simmer away for minimum 30 mins... the longer you leave it the more the flavours will meld together
  • when you're happy that your stew has stewed...pop it into bowls and tear up chunks of the bread... enjoy the warming goodness of your creation ...best shared with friends...family...lovers...Yum!